The crossfire series revolves around Gideon Cross and Eva Tramell, two people with a complicated past. Both of them are victims of sexual abuse as children, which has left them scarred and changed their overview of life in general.

It is a five-book series, outlining their experiences from when they met to their healing journey and happily ever after.

Bared to you: Series #1

A chance meeting in the lobby of the Crossfire Building sparks a time-testing romance and emotional rollercoaster. Eva is a bit naive having moved from San Diego to New York with her childhood friend Cary. Gideon, on the other hand, is poised, assured and arrogant, typical for a man with his wealth.

The relationship starts with an indecent proposition but turns out to be something more.

 Reflected in you: Series #2

In this book, Eva and Gideon’s relationship is growing and evolving. There are jealous and possessive streaks in this book…lots of them actually. At one point, they are unable to move forward because of this. People from their past start to meddle but, our favourite couple finds their footing.

Entwined with you: Series #3

As they move forward in their relationship, new drama in the form of secrets rocks their boat once again. Eva wants full disclosure, Gideon doesn’t know how to. His need to shield her from everything complicates matters further.

We also see Eva as a warrior. She is determined to get Gideon to open up and get over his trauma so that he can move forward.

Captivated by you: Series #4

Gideon and Eva are determined to make things work but they face some opposition from their family and friends.  Their solution, to elope and disguise it as an engagement. Gideon as Gideon struggles with his own demon, Eva feels like Gideon is pulling away.

So far, the series was from Eva’s POV but here, they alternate between POVs, giving readers a peek into Gideon’s thoughts.

This series is a bit sad, so, tissue alert!

One with you: Series #5

This is the last book in the series. Gideon starts to open up slowly, with the help of a shrink. There is a bit of fun and fluff in this book. The two also experience a tragedy. Secrets that had been long hidden start unravelling, making the couple question what they have always known to be true.

The books are amazing if you are a fan of romance. I would highly recommend them. The descriptions and the narrations were great. The problem is, I could help but feel like I am reading Fifty Shades Trilogy in an alternate universe where they live in New York instead of Seattle. The description of characters, their background stories, the alfa male who does what he wants and the girl who submits and changes the guy, they are mostly similar.

I think the major difference is that the Fifty Shades Trilogy is centred towards BDSM, other than that, nothing new, but like I said, it is a page-turner.

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